EXPECTED DA RATE WEF JULY 2013 (01.07.2013) 8% or 9%

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February 1, 2013 | NEWS | Post by: admin

Central Govt yet to to announce DA rate for Jan,2013 but we have already confirmed you that DA rate for Jan,2013 will be 8 % (80%total) and now it is Just a formality to declare it officially.Now we have estimate /expected da rate wef 01.07.2013.We Know it is very early to calculated the DA rate for July 2013 as Government has not yet decided about the DA rate wef 01.01.2013. Though the estimate is based on few assumption but it is not a rough estimate .

DA(dearness allowance) rates are fixed on the basic of All India Consumer Price Index for industrial workers.Base year has been taken as 2001. This new DA rate system is adopted by Central and State Governments  and public sector Under takings from 01.01.2006 with new pay scale as declared by the Pay commission . DA rates are to be announced half yearly basis and applicable from first of January and First of July.

How to calculate Dearness Allowance from the year 2006:

It is very simple ,suppose if you want to calculate Dearness Allowance with effect from Jan-13, get the average of monthly All India Consumer Price Index for industrial workers with the base year 2001=100 for the preceding 12 months and apply the same in the following formula


Dearness Allowance = (Avg of AICPI for the past 12 months – 115.76^)*100/115.76^

(ignore fractions)

Here 115.76 means average of price index from Jan 2005 to Dec 2005.

Avg of AICPI for the past 12 months =Total of index from July,2012 to June ,2013 divided by 12(months)

So to calculate Estimated DA rate wef July,2013 (01.07.2013), we need Price index average from July, 2012 to June,2013.

As per Labour Bureau, Department Statistics, Government of India website index for July 2012 to December ,2012 has already been declared .

However Price Index from January ,2013 to June,2012 is yet to be declared,

So to estimate the DA rates wef July ,2013 we have estimated the Price Index from January,2013 to June ,2013 . We will revise the Calculation as and when these months actual figures will be available.

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