General Tips for Online Bill Submission through IFMS Website.

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June 22, 2012 | GENERAL REPORTS/TOPICS | Post by: admin

Respected Friends,

As you all know, Govt.has made it compulsory that all types of Treasury bills must be submitted online through the IFMS website.I am hereby sharing few tips for smooth & fast submission of bills through IFMS website.

  • Always use latest version of Internet Explorer (which ever is compatible with your OS). Other browsers are not working well for IFMS website.

  • Install latest version of JRE (Jave Runtine Environment). This is freely available on internet.

  • When you open vpn link in Internet Explorer, A yellow coloured stip at the top will prompt to install Active X. Allow to install this software. This will isntall “Array Network Client Software”. This Array Client** is very very useful to establish connection with IFMS website. When this Array Client is opened & connection is established Red colour “A” icon appear at taskbar. If connection is lost colour of “A” icon changes to Yellow or black, But this array automatically tries to re-establish the conneciton.

  • When VPN weblink is opened. Then we click on Punjab IFMS & new webpage of IFMS is opened.

  • Use alloted User Name & password to open/login  IFMS.

  • After first lgoin change your password & Do remember the changed password.

  • We can submitt the bill as user friendly menu is present in IFMS.

  • After forwarding the bill to Dealing Treasury, Go to Worklist–>View Bill–>Submitted to Treasury–>Enter the dates or bill No. Then a list of bills will appear. Then click on concerned bill No. and that particular bill will open & Now click on “View Bill” at upper left corner, it will open print preview of the bill. Now print the bill using PDF Creator* & this will save your bill to pdf file for your future use & print.

  • Always logout after completing your work.

* PDF Creator is a freeware which is show as printer in “Print Dialogue box”, but it converts the print into pdf file. Any other similar software can also be used.
** If Array Client software is installed once, it will start automatically when ever you will open this website. No need to install again & again. It makes the IFMS fast & secure.

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