Income Tax Calculator for govt. employees
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Total Income from Salary chargeable to Income Tax
Income from House Property chargeable to Income Tax
Total Income from Other Sources
Agricultural Income for Rate Purpose only
Aggregate Income
Deductions from Taxable Income
1Deductions under Sec. 80D for Health Insurance. (Max. Rs. 20,000/- for Senior Citizens & Rs. 15,000/- for others).
2Deductions under Sec. 80D for Health Insurance of parents. (If parents are Senior CitizenRs. 20,000/-, else Rs. 15,000/-).
3Deductions under Sec. 80DD (Max. Rs. 1 lac.)
4Deductions under Sec. 80DDB (Max. Rs. 40,000/-.)
5Deductions under Sec. 80E
6Deductions under Sec. 80G
7Deductions under Sec. 80GG
8Deductions under Sec. 80U
9Deductions under Sec. 80RRB
10Deductions under Sec. 80CCG for Investment under?Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme (RGESS)
11Deductions under Sec. 80TTA?(Savings account interest. Max. Rs. 10,000/-)
12Any other eligible deduction
Deductions under Sec. 80C, 80CCC & 80CCD (Max. Rs. 1 lakh)
1Principal of House Loan
7Children Tuition Fee (Max. for 2 children)
8NSC & Accrued interest on NSC
9Contribution to NPS of GOI
10Any other eligible deduction U/S 80C, 80CCC & 80CCD
Total Deductions from Taxable Income
Total Taxable Income

Taxable Income, Income Tax, Educational Cess, Total Tax Liability

DescriptionIncomeIncome Tax
Exempt Income
Income chargeable at 10%
Income chargeable at 20%
Income chargeable at 30%
Less : Income Tax on Agricultural Income included above
Income Tax Payable
Education Cess @ 3% of Income Tax Payable
Total Tax liability
TDS / Advance Tax Deposited, if any
Net Income Tax due
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